Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Connections for Life

Having connections is crucial. Whether, it is family or friends, your pets, your belongings or the environment. Today internet helps you in connecting with people across the world, from wide areas of business, education, work and travel. Everything is made accessible, only with the help of wires and cables. It is the heart of the entire connectivity chain and an important element of our daily lives. Our world revolves around wires and cables. From the wifi on your phones, to the electricity in your homes, everything requires connections. We believe that, at EWEL we can provide you with wires of excellent quality. We sell high resistant, durable and flame retardant cables that are also anti-termite and anti-rodent. EWEL assures to provide its clients with services of good value and believes in maintaining long term relationships with them.

The growing industrial & housing demand in India is a large consumer of wires and cables. To match up with the market and to cater to the right commodity, EWEL Group India Private Limited  have different verticals like Building and infrastructure, railway and metro, solar powers, OEM sector, GTD power and government and institutional projects department. We are attempting to mark our foothold in each and every sector to deliver to the best of our capabilities. In our 20 years of experience we have developed products which back up our tagline “Engineered Well” for which we are claimed to be one of the best electrical and wire companies in Bangalore.

We also carry out product design and development by ourselves which is an amalgamation of avant-garde and original techniques. We work beneath the roof of our own factory, and manufacture products with the help of our technically qualified and experienced workforce. Our talented team believes in planning efficiently by using cutting edge and state of the art technology, to provide you with best solutions.We adopt marketing strategies that save our time and money, by focusing on attracting the right employees and investing that support in the overall business objective. EWEL has managed to develop a great experience and understanding of its customers and the Electric cable Industry.

At the top of all, EWEL manufactures cables that are certified under IEC and ISO standards and are CE and BIS certified. We operate under the super stockist and franchise model, and assure the safety of the installers and the users and believe in promoting sustainability by creating environment friendly products for a better and brighter future.

Articulated by,
Maitri Soni

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